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Latest modification in Resident Evil 3 has a SCARIER SHREK!!! as it’s Nemesis!!! Take a look!!!

By Nandita Gogoi

Who wants to see Shrek in a scarier version? Well, Resident Evil 3 mode has slightly made some changes in the game.

The one thing for which the remakes of modern resident evil has become popular is due to the modifications. In Resident Evil 2, Mr. X is replaced by all kinds of creatures such as Goose from Untitled Goose game, Shaggy from Scooby-Doo, and Thomas the Tank Engine.

Resident Evil 3 has also become popular due to modifications such as Jill Valentine’s costumes, but upgrades are also made to the Nemesis due to the demand of fans.

The Latest addition of Nemesis to the game

In the video game history and community, Nemesis is one of the most famous and renowned villains. It can be replaced with different creatures. Fans love such type of modifications. The latest addition of Nemesis as a monstrosity for stalking the Raccoon City streets is Shrek. Yes, we are talking about Shrek who is the popular movie character of all time. The Developers had made the bioengineered lifeforms for the player to face, but now they can battle the ever-present scarier Shrek.

Who created the modification?

The modification was created by MrMarco1003 who is a NexusMods user and YouTuber. It can be downloaded directly from the Nexusmods website. This latest addition of Shrek as Nemesis is much less-friendly. The ogre with relentless fury is in hunt of Jill throughout the Raccoon City. Moreover, he is unaffected by any kind of obstacles and gunfire Jill throws in his path. Modification is being made only to stage one nemesis.

The latest modification to the game will keep the fans entertained. It is also interesting that fans will get to see and fight a scarier version of Shrek. Fans can also expect more modifications in the future.

Nandita Gogoi