League of Legends Spirit Blossom event to unite Champions!! Read more about the Spirit Bond and other updates!

By author.divka

League of Legends is an online, multiplayer online video game. Riot Games are the developer for both Windows and Mac operating systems. Released in 2009, the game is inspired by the Defence of the Ancients. In it, players (champions) compete against other online or computer-generated players.

Creators of the famous Online gaming arcade, League of Legends

What is Spirit Blossom?

Spirit Blossom will be a humongous event on League of Legends. It intends to go on from 22nd July to 24th August 2020. It will be a narrative of all the champions playing the game! This whole narrative experience is known as ‘Spirit Bonds’. Riot Games has put over a year’s work to make this crossover come together. This event is not true only for League of Legends. It extends to both Legends of Runeterra and TFT: Teamfight Tactics. It won’t be wrong to call it a festival!

Do we really need the event?

The aim of the Spirit Blossom event is to encourage bonding and compassion in the champions for each other. Champions will have to start up a conversation with other players while asking them for a ‘favor’. To ask for a favor, you have to click on a fellow champion’s face. No favor means no interaction. And, you get to know of a champion’s narrative only through interaction. 100 favors with a fellow champion will earn you an S-rank bond with him/her!

What happens with the S-rank?

Once you reach the S-rank, you will unlock another level linked to the spirit trees. Completing tasks from hereon, you will earn Spirit Petals. Offering your fellow champion a petal upgrades your rank to S+! But beware, you only get to chose 3 players to give your petals to in the free mode, and 5 in the premium version.