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Let us check out the game – Red Dead Redemption 2: 10 Ways To Make Arthur As Evil As Possible


The fascinating character of our beloved game Arthur Morgan is a rich and the most complicated character in the history of gaming.
Now, as we all know that the game has a morality scale that can make our beloved character anything that we want i.e., an evil person or a character loved by everyone.
But we want to make him as evil as possible, so here are some ways that will make Arthur Morgan as the evilest character.

1.) Treat Animals With Cruelty:-

We can tie the well-behaved Animals from our horse and then make our horse drag them.
We can also behave rudely with cute dogs and cats. This will make the morality scale to very low.

2.)Punch the horse in the face:-

We have already treated animals with Cruelty. Now, punching horses in the face would also do it. We can also make aur horse run out of stamina, which will make it collapse. It will also take a morality scale down.

3.)Kill the Monk:-
There is a Monk on the mountains of grizzlies east, which does absolutely nothing. Killing it is the worst possible thing we can do in the game, and it surely will bring down the morality scale.

4.)Burn People alive:-
We can hogtie people and throw them to fire will take morality scale crawling down.we can also burn them alive with the help of Molotov.

5.) Shoot up a town:-
we know that we can shoot a town in-game when asked, but we can also do that whenever we want as the severest punishment we will ever get is a night in jail with some compensation to pay.

Other Ideas

6.)Feed people to alligator:-

If burning people alive or shooting them doesn’t help, we can kidnap people from towns, and they feed them to alligators.

7.)Be a loser in poker:-
We know that we can play poker, but if we try to draw nine instead of 8 and you are caught, then we can run using dynamite as a gift from Arthur to them.

8.)Leave people on train tracks:-
We can always kidnap people and treat them the way we like. Some are mentioned above, but the best one is to leave them on train tracks and wait for the train to overrun them.

9.)Make your gang kick you out:-
We can do all kinds of mischief with them and do all kinds of things that will get you punched right in the face. Once you are punched, you have lost a lot of moral points.

10.)The Best Way:-
My favorite way to make him a bad person is to beat up people that are already injured in some way or the other. Beat the loners out of their life and take whatever you own will always help to decease your morale points.

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