Let us talk about Overwatch Hero 32: Who is Echo? Is he is a new character Released ??

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Kotaku announced early in the summer that Blizzard had transferred its key production efforts to smash a follow-up to the famous team-based shooter on time for its annual gaming fair to launch.

The title of “a big PvE feature” was undisclosed, so on Sunday, ESPN received an internal training document from Blizzcon, which offered a treasure trove of juice information.

At least one hero, a 4-player stories mode, and a new multiplayer game mode named Drive would be taken as the key bing. The article then stated that all new games would be played on Blizzcon, but it stopped short to disclose the character.

ESPN initially announced that the game’s 32nd hero would be the Echo, which was a robot featuring in the lore. The source later, though, omitted Echo’s reference, and the writer distorted that it was actually incorrect.

A day after the story, however, Echo was discovered in a new picture on the website of Blizzard Gear, identified and first mentioned by Wowhead members of the MMO Champion Forum. The photo is in the Blizzard shop, not really, but Polygon said that it “hosted Blizzard simply.”

There have been little details as to the position Echo might play in the game, but a blaster from their palm is being seen flying and shooting. In line with Pharah and Grace, Echo may be an aerial help or harm treatment character.

Within Overwatch Lore, they are clearly still a significant feature. The Ashe’s theatrical short where she had a fight with McCree was released last year from the payload of Route 66.

The screenshot released is the finest proof of what the latest Overwatch 2 hero is going to offer. Nevertheless, the pictures of another long-rumored hero were reportedly leaked.

Three screenshots of Overwatch 2 were taken on Reddit on the same day as the ESPN post. The origins are unclear, and its validity is disputed, but they believed that Sojourn would be the next hero.

Two photos reveal Sojourn’s headshot and back. She has been used in Overwatch History excerpts over the years and is even speculated to be one of the main heroes of the title. Not only because of rumors from the fans, but Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan has also announced that he has been working to make Sojourn accessible to play.