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Let’s know a little about this upcoming game – The Last of Us Part 2 !!

By Reetika Kachchhwa

So basically, the last of us, which is part two, is actually an upcoming game. This game is actually an action-adventure game. This game is developed by a naughty dog. This is published by sony interactive entertainment for the  PlayStation 4. This game was first announced in 2016 near December and now scheduled for release near May 29, 2000.

So, according to the calculations, there are more than a hundred days left for the release of this game. This latest game is going to release soon, and you can also pre-order this game as there are limited quantities left, and this is available at select retailers across the US and vanda only.

This will be starting on Thursday on February 13, around 6:00 am PST at GameStop, walmart.com, and as well as amazon and best buy also at target. In Canada, completely at EB games for around $229.99 USD or $229.99 CAD MSRP.

The Last of Us Part II is at PAX East 2020 –

So, according to the news, from February 27 and this will be going till March 1, those who are attendees will have an opportunity to play this games one of the features is that is patrol.

In this, Ellie and Dina must venture out of Jackson into the surrounding areas to clear out infected. The demo will take a span of an hour of gameplay, and this will provide you just a small look into what awaits you in the full game.

Those who want to play this they can stop by the booth to play the demo. But also, there is limited edition for that, and if you are interested, you can secure your position through  PlayStation mobile app on apple store and google store.

Also, if you need more information, you can visit its original website and can clear your doubts.

Reetika Kachchhwa