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Lets us discuss about some of the abilities of REINHARDT : a character of the game overwatch !!

Reinhardt Wilhelm is a character of the game overwatch, which was launched in 2016. The character is a tall man with German origin and has high firepower hidden behind his suit and hammer. The Reinhardt can be a solid offensive spearhead that can easily win games on their own .but still, you always need to keep protecting team cause it always comes first, but this shouldn’t disappoint the players bashing a few heroes with a hammer. The character has a pickup rate of 9.83, makes it not the only sheild tank in the matches as it was in the previous season.

Some of the abilities of Reinhardt are mentioned below:-

1.) Steadfast:- abilities like halt .chain hook and graviton surge does not affect it normally. That is, it has got resistance to knockback effects, which makes it not that effective.

2.) Reinhardt’s primary weapon is Rocket hammer, which does 75 damage to each enemy in the range of 5 meters cone in front of it. Which is just a great ability?

3.) Ability 1:- barrier field
The shield has a 1600 point barrier, and when it is taken down, it regenerates a second with 200 points.

4.) Ability 2: Fire strike
It is the only ability of Reinhardt that can be used as a ranged attack that blows directly through shields. It causes the damage of 100 to each enemy.

The ultimate ability: Earthshatter
It stuns everyone in its range for 3 seconds, and that’s more than enough time to die. This ability can be controlled by sheds and other crowd control abilities like Defending the Team.

Because it is the team’s shield tank, Reinhardt needs to defend his allies from enemy fire. His large shield makes it easier to take hits for the team.