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Manhunt: The Most Violent Game In History!! Learn why it is BANNED in many countries!!

By Deeptha Sakkarapani

There are literally thousands of video games and no game is more gruesome and horrifying than Manhunt. The Manhunt is a horror game based on surviving skills. The game was released in 2003 by Rockstar Games and the sequel to the game was released in 2007.

A Look Back On The Game:

Though there are vicious games online, Manhunt defined horror and gory in video games. After its development, even the staff was hesitant to release it. For Manhunt 2, the developers had to edit certain scenes just to release the game because of censorship.

In the first part, we follow James Earl Cash who has to do a snuff film for a washed-up director Lionel Starkweather. He kills gang members in the most gruesome way so that Lionel can use it in his film. In the second part, situated in an asylum Daniel Lamb has to comb through the place to find clues about his past and also kill people for his benefit.

In both the games, the player uses a baseball bat, crowbar, plastic bags, and various sharp objects. The game is extremely realistic which is bound to scare the player. Points are awarded for each kill on the basis of its violence and torture. The graphic detail is too realistic which makes the player believe that they are the ones who are killing.

The game is not for weak hearted people. There are sudden surprises in the game which will trigger anxiety for many people. There are three types of executions in the game. Level 1 is a simple kill, Level 2 is bloody and gory and Level 3 is an unimaginable way of psychotic killing. Stars are given out of each kill.

It is well-known that not everyone will accept the game. In 2003 itself this game received so many backlashes but it still continued because of its small fanbase. The game is not legally available in many countries and even cases were filed against its release.

There was a rumor that Manhunt 3 are in the works but I think it’s just a rumour. This game is undoubtedly a bad influence on kids.


Deeptha Sakkarapani