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Oddworld : Soulstorm-Game; Release Date,plot – Everything you need to know about it!!

Oddworld: Soulstorm is an upcoming game in the Oddworld series. Game is imagining of the 1988 Oddworld. The first release was on 19th September 1997. This is a videogame. This creation has done by Sherry McKenna, Lorne Lanning. The last release in this series is Oddworld: Strangers wrath on 23rd January 2020.

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Oddworld is a name of a planet. It is described as 10 times the size of the earth. The protagonist species are Mudokons in the Oddworld Universe.

Platforms on which Soulstorm will release is Play Station -4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows. Developers of the game are Oddworld inhabitants, Subtoage studio, Just Add water, Frima Studio, Fat Kraken Studios.

Releasing the first decision in early 2020. As the teaser trailer of the game has already out. But yet there is no official date of releasing the game. Soulstrom is set on fictional planet Oddworld. Where it is known as a continent called Mundos. Glukkons are in majority on the continent and Mudokons are served as slave labor. Abe saves some of the fellow Mudokons but later they faced with the reality that is under the ruthless co-operations.

Here Glukkons have created a highly addictive drink called “Soulstorm Brew”. So that they can always keep Mudokons as slaves. So they can be dependent on their master.


Abe is introduced as a Floor Waxer in the game’

Mollusk is a former CEO of Rupture farmers in the game.

Alf is a simple Mudokon Scrub.

Toby is a new character in the series. His work is to help Abe during his travel.


Mudokons are more capable of jumping and use items that give. This game is full of fun and adventure. So Gamers wait for a little to have is game on your PlayStation.