Online Game- Fortnite comes up with Helicopters for its new Secret Agent theme. Excited already? Here’s all that you need to know.

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Fortnite, the online video game developed by Epic Games is adding a new aerial vehicle in the game. This new introduction is that of helicopters. They are of the size of the squad and do not come with pre-attached weaponry. Passengers from inside the plane can fire by hanging on to the sides.


Maps and redesigned locker are other new features that have been introduced in the game. These helicopters can be used by four players, which makes it an excellent match for squad players. This feature has mainly been added to enhance the gaming experience in line with the new secret agent theme of the game.

The squad first tie into a mysterious Deadpool appearance in the game. As of now, they can join boats in the game. They are all scattered around on the map. As of now, there has been a struggle to be the first one to take hold of the controls.

This is not the first time since aerial vehicles had been featured in the game. All those who have been into playing Fortnite for quite a long time will also remember the airplanes in season 7. However, this vehicle caused a lot of problems due to which it was later removed from the new seasons.


There is some more update for enthusiastic gamers right now. This includes some changes to the island. A massive explosion at the oil rig has destroyed the base and left an enormous oil spill. The soccer field at Pleasant Park has opened up which has brought into revelation, a helicopter pad. There is also a spy-themed LMT.

For a long time, Fortnite players, the new locker, must be convenient. It allows players to use their cosmetics. The cupboard has a streamlined design and also saves the gamer’s time as it has introduced preset loadouts. That makes equipping your character with your favorite outfit, far more comfortable.