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‘Pac-Man’ Turns 40!! This Is How This Eating Icon Changed Gaming History!!

When “Pac-Man” made its debut in Tokyo 40 years ago, nobody would have thought that it would come out as the most successful game of all time.  In that period games were beginning to develop as a new medium.

The creator of ‘Pac-Man’, named Toru Iwatani wanted to go for something extraordinary, something that is new and phenomenal! He stated, “When I started drafting up this project in the late 1970s, the arcades were filled with violent games all about killing aliens. They were gloomy places where only boys went to hang out. What I wanted to do was make arcades into livelier places that women and couples might enjoy visiting, so I thought it best to design a game with women in mind.”

How did it start?

Iwatani being just a college graduate had little experience when he joined Namco as an engineer. He was passionate about working on pinball machines but not video games! A digital version of pinball titled ‘Gee Bee’ didn’t receive much of a great response. Hence, there were very slight indications that any of his further projects would be successful.

But situations turned out to be in his favor preferably. After its release in 1980, ‘Pac-Man’ became a game widely played and loved.

While storming his brain for ideas of a game based on food, Iwatani took a slice of pizza from a box, and the remaining formed the design of Pac-Man. So this was how the process behind this epic game developed! Though, the story goes on with other stages.

The Original Name – “PuckMan”

However, many of the people are still unaware of its original name “PuckMan”. This name was taken from the deep origins of the game.  “Paku paku taberu” is a Japanese phrase for gulping something up.

‘Pac-Man’ is unique in itself and most of its charm indeed comes from its simplicity. With the classic game design, it doesn’t make players press any buttons at all. You just need to start a one-player or two-player game and boom you land into a different world of gaming! Isn’t that true?