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PUBG MOBILE: Season 14 updates, reviews and many more

There was a time back then when multiplayer gaming was considered a luxury back then. From Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to COD Modern Warfare. These features of playing with friends online, made many gamers want to try multiplayer. But due to lack of hardware and expensive internet way back ago, it was considered fantasy for many small-time gamers. With the emergence of PUBG Mobile made that burning fantasy into reality. Released on February 9, 2018, took the multiplayer gaming by storm. It became popular with its real-time communication with friends, gorgeous graphics, and cool looking outfits. Inspired from the original PUBG PC which came out in 2017. With the new season, 14 rolling out this month here’s what you need to know.

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Season 13 Overview

In the latest season 13 which got released on May, 7 brought many changes into the game such as the weather system in Miramar map. you can expect sandstorms now in the gameplay which will limit your field of vision. Making it more realistic and fun to play, including a bonus vehicle golden mirador which spawns only one vehicle in the entire map. So finding one is quite rare. In addition to the new weapon which is available in the arena called P90 which is deadly in close-quarters combat. With many features to boot.

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Season 14 Content

Pubg mobile confirms that season 14 is set to release on July 7, 2020. Which means any progression you made in season 13 will reset. And most likely you have to buy the latest royale pass. The latest update will also feature many new cosmetics and exotic skins to purchase alongside royale pass which will bring tons of bonus missions and rewards. Along with the new updates it is anticipated that Pubg will add many gameplay features which could be anything from weapon, vehicles, and a new mode, forex- TDM also known as team deathmatches.

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