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PUBG Season-13 !!! New Changes, Royale Pass!!!Everthing you need to know about your game

By Megha Choubey

Developers of this game “PUBG Corporation” has released this game on 20th December 2017. It is an online game. PUBG is a Battle Royale game. Brendan Greens. Jang Tae Seok is the director of the game is  “Players Unknowns Battlegrounds”. This game is inspired by the 2000 Japanese film “Battle Royale”.


The first release of the game is on Microsoft Windows. And then next on Android. iOs, Xbox one, PlayStation-4, Playstation Stadia.  On Stadia game released recently in April 2020.


In this game, the player has to fight against the player shooter. Near about one hundred players fight in a Battle Royale. Gamer can enter the game single, double, or with a team of four-player. Players will land on the given destination and then gamer need to find weapons, armor, weapons and other stuff to survive in the fight. Players who will last till the end will win the game. After winning the game each round gamer gains in-game currency. And with that, they can buy the crates, Customized weapons, etc.

Season-13 has brought many changes. It has a brand new “Royale Pass”. The New K/D ratio of the player can be calculated in the game. The player can expect rewards inside the Royale Pass. In the new update, Miramar Map will have some change. Some new weapons are also there. Some more changes included in the Jungle Adventure and Bluehole Mode. A new currency will be available.

What is Royale Pass

There will be many benefits to the pass. Like you can show off things to opponents Royale pass will cost some free Royale Pass. The Elite Pass cost 600 UC, Elite Pass Plus may allow a player to purchase their ranks at a 40 percent discount.

Release Date

Release Date of the game got its launch on 13th MAy 2020.

Season 13 will have power rangers in blue and red. The name of them is Flash and Lava superman. In the second skin with a ram skull mask. Gun skin, New Emotes, and a new theme are also included in the new season. Guns like P92 and lego theme vector is included. Name of  Emoted is “Joyful Twist”, Shuffling hand, and Talk to the hand. Themes of S-13 will be toys Playground.

Golden Mirado

Golden Mirado will rarely show in the game. So players will be searching for this than any other vehicle.

Megha Choubey