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Rainbow Six Quarantine: All the details that you need to know about this all-new game launch!!

Ubisoft production has been well known for the Rainbow Six game series. Eventually, after gaining popularity, they are going to add one more game to that series. And the game is named as Rainbow Six Quarantine. This game will also be having a three-player gameplay mode, as the Rainbow Six Seige had.

Moreover in this game, the player would be dealing with the mutant viruses and the monstrous aliens. Therefore, today we are going to tell you some basic facts related to the game. Eventually, it will help you in knowing everything about this game.

The Release Date:

This game was set to be released in the early 2020s. But unfortunately, due to this pandemic, the date has been shifted a bit further. Hence now, this game is expected to come until March 2021. Moreover, it would be available for the Xbox One, PS4, and for PC.

About Rainbow Six Quarantine:

It will be a squad-based first-person shooter game. The basic idea of the game is being taken from the Outbreak. While playing this game, you will be discovering dangerous pandemic. And also, you would be dealing with the biohazard which has become a threat to humankind.

Its story will revolve around the same alien parasite that was seen in Outbreak. Eventually, in the town, a USSR spaceship is crashed down. Therefore, for dealing with the situation, a quarantine is being set up by the government. After some time, the virus began to infect the human species in various forms. Eventually, you have to deal with the situation to save their life.


Ubisoft hasn’t provided any look about the gameplay except the initial trailer. But leaks give us a basic idea about how the gameplay could be. Moreover, it will be focusing on the players vs environment setting. And the player would be provided with a handful of gadgets to protect themselves.

 Beta version information:

Unfortunately, it hasn’t received any beta. But, we can expect one by the end of 2020. Its official site currently gives an option to play this game early. It can be opted by the players of Xbox One, PS4, and PC.