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Sad news caused by Covid-19…CyberPunk 2077 release gets postponed??

By Tania Ghosh

The Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak is crossing boundaries. The Taipei Game Show has been postponed indefinitely because of it.

The Taipei Game Show Cyberpunk 2077 is to postpone. Taiwan reported its ninth case of Coronavirus Yesterday. The show was initially decided to proceed with health precautions. Temperature checks were scheduled. Face masks were to be distributed. However, due to the indefinite deaths around the world, the organizers decided to delay the show.

Fans are still expecting the CD Project Red will share something. Still, health is the factor that tops the list of priorities. But we do have a  teaser of what the Taipei Game Show is going to show off next week.CD Project Red put a video, especially for the Chinese audience.

A few snippets of the game have come to light. Behind the back, scenes were also focused. Unfortunately, the video has not come up in the western platforms. An unofficial youtube video-has released.


Half of the video is in Chinese. The other half is in English. But the peeks of the gameplay are really going to amuse you.

The sad news about the game show is that the multiplayer component might not arrive till 2022. But no! There might be a twist. The CD Project Red might be ready to deliver.CyberPunk 2077…why not set some positive vibes for it? It may also be set on September 17, 2020. Do you know CyberPunk owes its development to the developers of The Witcher 3?

But CD Project Red confirms that you would not need to buy the game twice. The Microsoft family of systems is giving both the Xbox Series X version and Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One Owners the version for free. You just need to wait for the time when it will be available.

Tania Ghosh