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Smite 7.7 Updates, Patch notes, avatar battle pass and more. Check it out

By Abhishek Singh

If you’ve played Smite, you know how addictive the MOBA elements of the game is entertaining. Offering a lot of gameplay modes such as PvP, Many playable characters. And one of the successful sports games of all time. A lot of playable gods and outsmarting your opponents mixed with a well-planned tactic is what gives the players an edge. Upgrading your god, effective teamwork also comes into play for a successful win. Spawning 7 seasons in total, making the players feel rewarding & gameplay fulfilling. Developers have released a new 7.7 update, bringing new skins and brand new features of Avatar: The Last Airbender battle pack. Those who have watched the avatar anime knows how cool the character is. With that being said, here’s what the 7.7 update brings something to the game.

Smite Update 7.7 features.

Smite’s midseason 7 update adds new changes to the main game as well as adding Avatar: The Last Airbender battle pack. Aang, Zuko, Korra, and Conquest are included in the game as skins for existing gods Merin, Susano & Skadi.

And the brand new Avatar: The Last Airbender battle pass contains two new skins for Korra, Zuko & Aang. In addition to the cosmetic items, announcer packs, and animated avatars. All of the aforementioned items are exclusive to the battle pass which can be purchased for 750 gems (14$ USD) in total. If you’d rather not prefer to pay, with patience, gems can be earned by playing more in the game.

Patch Notes.

The new update 7.7 contains various Bug fixes, improved user interface, the fixed spawn rate of items, and many more. More detailed info can be found on the official website of Smite. The latest 7.7 update brings many changes to the game such as the Conquest mode, Standard MOBA game mode. And changing how the basic jungle camp functions. With an increase in the difficulty & special abilities to counter against players.

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