Smug punishes a Ryu user this time in “Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition”!!! Uploads video on YouTube emphasizing the incident!!!

By Anchal Gupta

Smug is popular for punishing players specifically those who do not listen to his command grabs and behave as if they have not got the command grab in the popular game ” Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition”. This time he launched a video on his YouTube channel in which he took on a Ryu user. Read out the blog post to know more about it!!!

Who is SMUG???

Bryant Smug Huggins, popularly known as with his middle name Smug. He is a prominent and efficient player of the popular video game Street Fighter and has a rich history throughout the competitive life of the series.

The player has made a good history in the game which can neither be replaced nor it can be understated. The player made his debut into the game as the captain of Team Psycho in Season 2 of the video game of the League. Smug is specifically good in command grabs which help him to achieve big combos

The video of Smug punishing a Ryu user:

Recently, Smug uploaded a video on YouTube in which he was found punishing a Ryu user in his own style when he refused to listen to his command grabs. In the video, it can be seen how Smug go against his different opponents.

One player that Smug had to take on was a Ryu user. The player refused to take on Smug’s command grabs. During the battle, Smug pleaded him to take those command grabs but the player was stubborn enough not to listen to him. It can be observed that the opponent knew about his usual shenanigans which led them to go for various other options that were related to jumping in certain situations so that they can prevent unblockable attacks.

After observing this, Smug took up a different strategy and ended up catching Ryu’s user’s jump attempt by the end of the first round. He did this with G’s Spin Kick and then it was converted into a devastating combo.

Anchal Gupta