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Sorry folk! josh and Samira love story endshere!!!

They have both failed to find romance in the villa, forming a platonic relationship in their couple.

Tensions were frayed on Love Island on Monday night, as Josh, 26, hit out at Samira for knocking Dr. Alex’s confidence ahead of his date with new girl Ellie.

Viewers took to Twitter in their fury, branding the West End star, 22, a ‘green-eyed monster’ after she told the 27-year-old medical professional. He was ‘an easy option’ for the Geordie beauty, who ‘wouldn’t turn around in a club’ for him. Leaving Alex looking crest-fallen and with her place in the villa potentially in jeopardy, Samira went to air her woes to Josh and Adam. However, it was Alex’s time to shine and try his luck with the ladies.

I understand that you feel at risk. It’s rubbish to see the guy you are coupled up with, your lifeline in this villa [move on] because these two girls have come in. It’s a risk for you, and I get it.’

One typed: ‘This episode of Love Island has made me dislike Samira’.

However, some fans stuck up for her writing: ‘Please bring in some more guys and give Samira a chance too! The girls need to start stepping up for Samira now like the boys big up Alex. I feel sorry for her.

Sitting at the fire pit, she raises her doubts over Ellie’s tactics. She tells Alex: ‘If you came up to her in a club, I don’t know if she’d turn around…because she looks like some type of girl.’

Alex responds: ‘he doesn’t know what they mean when they say: “She looks like some type of girl”.

While later on, she opens up about her predicament, as she admits. ‘Obviously, we are the single ones, bombshells will come in, and it’s the easy option to go for Alex.  I because everyone is super comfortable in their couples and super happy.

After their disagreement, Samira vents in the Beach Hut, and she says. ‘Josh was lecturing me on how Alex should have a chance, the girls are really into Alex. You don’t need to chat with me more about this. I don’t want to hurt Alex. If it’s genuine, he’ll know, and if not, he’ll also know.

Love Island continues at 9 pm on ITV2.