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Square Enix hints about The Final Fantasy VII remake for PC? Check out the post to know about all the details!

The Final Fantasy Series is one of the most highly grossed video games franchises of all time.

Hinobi Sagakuchi is the creator of the very first game of the series. The series debuted way back, in December 1987. There have been fourteen more additions to this franchise along with many spin-offs.

The makers of the original series have come together once again for a remake of the Final Fantasy VII.

Yoshinori Kitase who was the director of the first game is now acting as the producer for the remake of the VIIth. The game will be released in two parts.

The entire franchise has different stories for each new game. There are different settings, characters, and stories in these games.

Trailers and Release Date-

The developers Square Enix released the first part of the game for PlayStation4  on the 10th of April, 2020. They have signed an exclusivity deal with PS4 for at least a year.

The Premise-

Since the initial times, every version of this game has a group of people who come together and fight against evil. Throughout the game, the characters also explore their personal struggles and problems.

In The Final Fantasy VII remake, one controls the main character ‘Cloud strife’ who, along with his eco-terrorist group (AVALANCHE) fights a mega-corporation. The entire game takes place in Midgar.

Square Enix’s trailer for the game shows ‘Gameplay captured on PC’ written, many have taken this as a hint. The fans of the game now think that this means the game will be available for PC very soon. The exclusivity deal with PS4 makes it sure that the game will not be available for PC at least till April 2021. Square Enix has not given any official statement regarding this.

The makers have now started working on the second part of the game. They want the game to be released as soon as possible!