Team Ninja knows some fans would rather have Ninja gaiden than nioh 2 – Here are the more details!!

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The developers of the game have critically acclaimed action -RPG franchise Nioh and Ninja Gaiden, and they are aware of the people clamoring for a new title. It was hard work done by team ninja to work on the sequel to Nioh, which wants a way to expand the signature element of the original.

They are now adding a detailed character creation with some more enemy varieties with a deeper RPG system and some more expansive level design. The impressive sales and overall attitude to the product warranted an immediate sequel.

The developers try to keep the positives of not 1 in Nioh 2 while they try to fix their negatives. The players create their own avatar, which is provided with Yōkai i.e., a spirit that grants them the inordinate magical powers.

From there, they master a wider variety of weapons to master. It takes from the past in the Ninja Gaiden series for their theme and pace and difficulty; however, the game has a soul like a genre.

The IGN has reports that say Nioh2’s director Gumihiko Yasuda has hinted at the possibility of a new Ninja Gaiden game due to the passionate fans of their franchise.

He said that the core members of the team who works on Ninja Gaiden wanted to make a new game. He also provided us with information that the Ninja or samurai focused games will be included shortly.

The very recent game launched by Ninja Gaiden was in the form of the spinoff, namely, Yaiba. It was developed by the spark unlimited, which received mixed negative feedback due to poor level design and repetitive gameplay.

The team of Ninja. Gaiden is providing the fans to find may reason to get excited about the return of Ninja Gaiden to the franchise.