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TaZ and NEO are two noticeable names in the CS: GO scene, generally known for their prosperity during Counter-Strike 1.6. In those days, they were a piece of a Golden Five Polish line-up, which won three World Cyber Games titles, two Electronics Sports World Cups, and Intel Extreme Masters I.

NEO and TaZ together have won probably the greatest CS: GO competitions, incorporating a CS: GO Major in Katowice 2014 and DreamHack Masters Las Vegas in 2017. Both of them also showed up together in Poland for a long time on groups, including Pentagram, Meet Your Makers, and

Taz was sidelined by in 2018 and later played for Kinguin. That year, NEO left to play for FaZe as a sub.

Shockingly, the NEO-TaZ organization finished in February 2018, when TaZ got moved to’s latent program. NEO on the opposite side played for until December 2018, when he also got moved to the idle program.

In May 2019, NEO moved to FaZe Clan as a substitute and left the North American association in September, after scarcely four months. From that point forward, he was without a group until NEO marked with ARCY on January 3, 2020, when he rejoined with TaZ.

NEO and TaZ played together at ARCY for under about fourteen days, as ARCY chose to disband its program on January 14, 2020, after list unsteadiness and arrangement of disappointing outcomes, leaving the Polish pair without a group.

Both of them require time to resolve the things from the past and concentrate on their future together said TaZ

“Time has worked in support of us, however. It demonstrated that the security we have is a lot greater than just the game we play together.”

Fans are eager to see the veterans playing with one another by and by, however, may need to sit tight sometimes longer for increasingly generous data.