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The Last of Us part 2 director gets emotional about the success of game!!

By Abhishek Singh

There are very rare games that perfectly captures the essence and portrays the beautiful storytelling in games. Dealing with loss, losing the loved ones, and the bond of a father-daughter relationship of Joel & Ellie. And the journey which led to that. Last of Us hit all the right notes when it comes to a beautiful story, amazing gameplay, level design. And perfectly captures the atmosphere of the zombie apocalypse and the ugly side of humanity.

Neil Druckmann delivered such a masterpiece that gamers still to this day praise the vision of the man. And grateful for giving us such a memorable gem. After years of waiting, Last of us part 2 finally arrived, the story with an even darker theme. new gameplay with amazing mechanics to break through enemies. Rating 94% in Metacritic, met with complete success. And director Neil Druckmann overcomes with emotions about the success of the second game. Read on more to know about what Naughty Dogs director has to say.

The Last of Us Part 2 became a huge success.

The first last of us came out in 2013 and won the hearts of many gamers with amazing narrative, faster pacing of the story, and revolutionary gameplay. What it’s like to survive for two primary characters Joel & Ellie, infested with zombies as well as humans. Who wouldn’t blink when it comes to killing them. Seeing the immense love & support from gamers Neil finally gave us the last of us part 2. Due to the pandemic, the game met with a delay for a few weeks. When it finally released, it became an even bigger hit from the first game.

The director of last of us part 2 gets emotional.

In an interview, Neil revealed that he wanted to write to every developer of the game. But unable to do so because of the size of his team. He told “As I’m writing this, tears are starting to come out, I don’t even know why I’m crying? I wanted to reach out to everyone who worked on this game to make it a big success. The director felt that the success of the game is only directed at him, but later came to realize it’s not fair as behind him his whole team worked more on polishing it more than him.

Neil Druckmann has a message to haters.

Neil was too happy and for his developing team that all their hard work finally paid off and garnered even greater success than the first game. Any excellent masterpiece faces harsh criticism & perfectly normal that this game also has its haters. Neil said in a statement “F**k the haters! nothing makes me prouder than working on this game & investing more in it.

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