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The Seven Deadly Sins is back (possibly for one last time)- Release date and all the details about the upcoming season!

By Sanika Totade

Initially, ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ was just a series in Japan’s Shonen Magazine.  Nakaba Suzuki is its writer. They published this series in Shonen for almost 8 years. It ran in the magazine from October 2012 to as recent as March 2020. Two years after its debut in publication, Shonen Magazine announced that these series will develop into an anime.

A1 Pictures and Studio Deen were the developers of this anime. 5th October marked the debut of the pilot episode of this anime.

The makers released Season two of this film not long after the first season. They released Season three soon after.

The first anime movie based on these series premiered in August 2018. It is titled ‘The Seven Deadly Sins The Movie: the Prisoners of the Sky’

About the upcoming season-

The anime is ready to launch its fourth season very soon. According to the sources, this season may also be the concluding season of this anime.

The Premise-

The genre of this series is adventure and fantasy, a very alluring genre for the fans!

The Seven Deadly Sins is a band that has been created to destroy the Ten Commandments of the Demon Clan. The entire group of The Seven Deadly Sins is not together anymore after their last defeat. Elizabeth, the princess of Britannia is on a mission. The mission is to get the members of the Seven Deadly Sins together to save her kingdom from the Holy Knights. She meets the leader of the group- Meliodas and they try to get all the seven members together!

King Arthur has gone into hiding and Meliodas may be a monster now?

This was where season three ended. The upcoming season will begin from here.

Release date and more –

On 24th March 2020, the makers of the season confirmed the release date.

The Fourth season will be releasing on the 15th of October this year!

Taking the pandemic situation into account, the fans are worried that the makers might delay the release of the anime. The makers have not confirmed this as of now..but the fourth season may be the last season of the anime.

Sanika Totade