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The wait for Persona 5: Royal is over! Read more about the upgrades and enhancements!

Persona 5: Royal, with all the upgrades and enhancements from Persona 5, is finally here. Fans have been waiting for three years since Persona 5 released in the United States. 

The new Phantom Thief, Kasumi, is one of the latest additions in Persona 5: Royal.

Persona 5: Royal has the base game and expansion included. Instead of simply adding new content to the original game, there are further changes to the entire game from P5R’s end.

These are both big and small changes, and the experience is new and fresh for all the fans.

Persona 4 Golden went through the same treatment, so we know this is not the first time Atlus has given it is game a new face altogether.

Here are a few of the changes in the game:

Some lines have gone through re-recording and Atlus US perhaps ran through the dialogues better this time and has been able to translate them more accurately.

Baton Passes are more comfortable now as well, and there is automatic ammo refilling when the battle starts.

There are new Showtime attacks. However, if a Showtime is active, you have to use it at that turn itself. Otherwise, you will lose it and have to wait for it to re-activate.

Small changes with Palaces pertain to traversing them using Joker’s new grappling hook.

There are new routes in Palaces. This could lead to three Will Seeds, each of which an enemy could be protecting. The third of them would be under the fiercest enemy’s protection.

You can also buy flowers from Jose, who is a new NPC.

You should not expect many changes in the first hour of play, except for the opening song. The game will pick up its pace by the time Morgana comes, but, of course, changes will reveal themselves slowly.

The most significant change is probably Kasumi Yoshizawa, the new Phantom Thief.

Her cutscenes and social events will impact the game hugely and provide a new and fresh experience to the fans.

Persona 5: Royal is the first of the franchise to support Spanish, French, Italian, and German subtitles so European fans can enjoy the game especially.