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This is something you never knew before. Catch all the latest and happening updates on Half Life here!

By Priyanka Peddinti

There is a new series in the pipeline for all of the very eager audiences. Guess, what is that? Okay, so without much ado, we present to you various facts and updates about Half-Life: Alyx. It has a plethora of games within it, for all of you out there to go and enjoy! Catch a glimpse of it in this video attached below.

It has been developed by Valve between the Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and Valve’s latest VR Game. This list includes details on a newer and higher version of the present thing. The newer version is called Half-Life 3. This was in the background for a year approximately during which a lot of work on the developmental end was being very carefully carried out. After that, there was also an inclusion of open-world Left 4 and Dead 3.

The Final Hours of Half-Life: Alyx is developed and directed by the talented man who goes by the name of Geoff Keighley. It is a multimedia making, coming out of the latest installment of Half-Life Series. Maybe, for an easier understanding, you could think of it as an interactive storybook, which has almost 15 chapters on information, creation of video games, videos, and mini-games among much more.

So, diving a little deeper, let us have a close look at every episode of the canceled Valve project mentioned.

1. Half-Life 3: it was created with the help of the Source 2 engine, drawing the idea of gameplay from Left 4 Dead. This game would have used a pretty complex model, of which I will tell you in the next sentence. For instance, assume a game generating a building in its area, and also another object. After which the route going through, would be filled with various enemies.

2. Left 4 Dead 3: this is an open-world game that is set in Morocco and potentially features hundreds of zombies at a given time. However, this too was deemed as unworkable.

3. RPG: this project also goes by the same code name. it draws inspiration from the likes of The Elder Scrolls, Dark Souls, and Monster Hunter.

The many other variations included are:

· A.R.T.I.
· SimTrek
· Shooter
· Borealis
· Hot Dog
· Vader

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