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Tom hardy thinks that Woody Harrelson would be the greatest test for Peter Parker?!! Check out!

The Venom

Venom 2: Tom Holland's Spider-Man Fights Carnage in Terrifying Fan ...

Anti-heroes are really hard to deliver, as you have to be on an edge and be both the good guy and the bad guy at times. Venom is one of those films that can say, yea we got it covered. Plus there is also a restriction on who must be eaten for dinner. Just kidding!, The film would go the way it came if it was without Tom Hardy. Furthermore, people said the movie does live to expectation because of him.

The Carnage

No Venom, No Shame: I Loved this Movie | Canby Now Podcast

Tom Hardy is going to face off his next symbiote, which is presumed to be now other than Carnage. Furthermore, the character was given intro at the last post-credits scene of the Venom 1, where you would see the prison who is none other than Woody Harrelson, where he makes one thing clear.

“There is going to be Carnage”

Tom Hardy Teases Venom vs. Spider-Man Online But Then Deletes It

Tom Halland is rumored to be part of the next venom 2 movies. This was a rumor until our dear Tom took to the social media handle to post a picture he should have. The confirmation goes presence of Peter Parker is there to an extent as he will be going undercover since his secret was is relived at the final of the Far from home.

Undoubtedly, this is going to be bigger and Bette if all the three are present on the screen and go all out against each other. The movie is set to be out next year April which was the expected date. Clearly it will be pushed back as well have a chance of our Spidy movie coming out first. Let me assure you there will indeed be carnage out there, for sure!

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