Top 5 Discord Bots that you can use now!!! How to enhance your server??? Read here!!!

By author.divka

Discords are voice and text chats for gamers. It is absolutely free and runs on PCs as well as a smartphone. Being more than a typical texting app, it helps you to create groups and build communities. It is up to you whether you want to connect over audio or text messages.

What is a discord server?

A discord server has different channels (chat rooms) for you to chat about. In a voice chat room, you can use audio messages and play music as well!

What is a discord bot?

An internet bot, or simply a bot, is a software application that runs on automated instructions. They run according to our will and often imitate a user’s behavior. The only difference is that what we do, a bot will do it at a much faster speed.

A discord bot is a bot that operates only on discord. Being more user friendly, it provides more functions. Interestingly, you can create your own bot on discord.

What are bots used for?

The typical use of bots is to manage servers and control the amount of spam. It can also play music from discord or other services like youtube. With the help of a bot, you can view information about your discord server, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Are there different types of bots available?

Here are the top 5 discord bots for gamers:

  1. OneBot- it might be the best because it keeps you updated on the latest tournaments and teams, without ever leaving discord. Plus, it is extremely simple to use.
  2. PatchBot- Along with keeping you updated with the latest leagues, this also helps you subscribe to game updates and patch notes.
  3. TwitchBot- The most used bot by gamers, it helps you to with live notifications and voice chats. It also offers multiple language support.
  4. Guilded- as the name suggests, it is the best bot to build and find teams.
  5. MedalBot- The perk of MedalBot is that it helps you to record PC gaming and play them on your phone.