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VR Game!!! Half-Life: Alyx ~ Realistic VR Game Available; Worth To Play !!! Honest Opinion and REVIEWS!!!

After playing this game one thing that gave me shocked when I played Half-Life: Alyx was the outstanding detailing under Alyx Vance’s fingernails. Maybe it looks simple thing, but it brought a new level of fine details in the VR game.

We played many VR games with low details in the gameplay scene as well as poor character design. Half-Life: Alyx is one of the best VR games until now. It comes with fine gameplay detailing and looks realistic while playing the game. The protagonists can move around anywhere it feels you are into the game world but not outside. The character of the game is a scrappy survivor raised in the sequel in which the unknown species or aliens combine conquered the earth.

The game is like a traditional Half-Life game. The game delivers you the linear series of area, underground gameplay, a normal city 17 neighborhood starting of the game, through dangerous industrial areas, along with aliens nest, and many more. Each chapter of the game comes with 15 hours gameplay with flashback stories.

half life alyx

You are going to face various combat with aliens, solve puzzles. The puzzles were not so easy to solve and while unlocking the puzzles, it will pop out like a 3D puzzle. And there are environmental-related puzzles to solve. Moving around the area you will hit the things in the area which look more realistic. It’s outstanding to see the interaction with objects around you. The level of physical interactively brings high expectations in this VR game.  In terms of combat, the player gets gravity gun, gravity gloves which are not quite compact but it helps you to grab the nearby objects, hence it still extremely useful sometimes. 

About the game details:

  • The game is released on 23 March 2020.
  • Source 2 engine
  • The developer of the game: Value Corporation.
  • The composer of the game: Mike Morasky.
  • The platforms available to play this game: Only available for windows and Linux users.
  • The writers of the game: Jay Pinkerton, Sean Vanaman, Erik Wolpaw.

Latest Updates:

For the community, Valve opens ‘Half-Life: Alyx’ workshop and development tools.


  • Steam: 10 / 10
  • PC gamer: about 92% of gamers liked this game.