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WayForward is releasing two Classic Shantae Games on Nintendo Switch

By Abhishek Singh

If you’re a gamer you surely would’ve played on your cartridge NES console. Or at least come across one of those games. The classic retro we loved so much that we spent countless hours in the gameplay and never get tired of it. The golden era of gaming back then. If you’ve played Aladdin on NES, you’re surely going to love Shantae, as they both share a similar atmosphere and lore. Combined with an amazing soundtrack, great physics, and fun gameplay that will surely hook you for hours in the game. Originally developed by CAPCOM, and released for multiple platforms like PC, PS4, Nintendo 3DS, and Coming to Nintendo Switch. A piece of good news for switch users who wish to experience this classic masterpiece. Read on more to know about the details and release date of Shantae.

The gameplay of Shantae.

Shantae gameplay is a platform based game involving jump and runs, mixed with action elements, all the while avoiding obstacles. Players control Shantae who is a half-genie with attacks like hair whipping. And making use of the environment to progress through levels and uncover the story of Shantae and pirate queen Risky Boots. With themes like fantasy, steampunk, and mature elements.

When it’s coming out?

Nintendo announced the two classic best selling games Shantae and the sequel Risky revenge on the Nintendo Switch. It is expected to release this fall in September 2020. The most anticipated game with sequels like Half-Genie Hero & The Seven Sirens. The next-gen sequels with breathtaking graphics, mechanics, and one of the best selling games in Steam and other platforms. Those who have missed out on the classics and would like to experience the originals can try out this game. Preorders of the original two games Shantae (2002) & Shantae Risky Revenge will be available this year. And the exciting part is you don’t need to spend a fortune on the cartridge version. As it is getting re-released on Gameboy Color, thanks to limited run.

The director’s cut of Shantae Risky Revenge was released on multiple platforms like Wii, PC & PS4 in 2016. And will be available in physical form. WayFrom will release more details on the game soon enough.

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