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What is so special about Death Stranding game? Read on to know more about it and some much needed tips you might need!

By Priyanka Peddinti

Death stranding is an online interactive game developed by Kojima Productions, in association with Sony Interactive Entertainment. Its release date was November 8th, last year, in 2019. It belongs to the action-adventure genre like other major mobile and online interactive games. Speaking of the number of players who are allowed to play this game at once, it is a proper multiplayer game. Available on various kinds of platforms. For example, it is available on Microsoft’s Xbox platforms among many others.

Let us now go into little depth, of the game, and into various technicalities. At first, if you hear them, you might feel a little overwhelmed, but do not get confused. Over a few minutes, you will feel comfortable with the flow of the article.

So, Death Standing was built with a sole purpose and that purpose was to defy what we commonly understand video games to be. Most action games are built on the premise of using a pole or a stick to beat people. The creator of the game, Hideo Kojima has put aside a stick in the game, in a unique attempt to popularize it. Instead, he hands them a rope so that people can be stuck together in times of distress and do not break apart. Players will be learning the power of a rope vis-à-vis stick. The underlying theme of the game is to build a connection between people. Fighting against a greater enemy to solve each other’s problems. And suffering to reduce the suffering of others. It also includes a lot of walking as opposed to the availability of vehicles like other popular games.

Which brings me to the next point of boots. Many players coming into the Death Stranding may think that the games look quite easy, but looks are deceptive, my friend! It is not a cakewalk as expected. Kojima takes many mechanisms and conceits it while we are subconsciously searching for them. During this time he inverts them or tosses them for a radical change.

Your delivery orders range from the most basic essential needs to luxury items for delivering which you must walk. To reveal more stuff would be equal to taking away excitement from the game. So make sure, you are the one playing it very soon. Till then, Have a Good Day!!

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