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Who is Mikasa Ackerman? Know everything about this strong anime character in Attack on Titans ‘Shingeki No Kyojin’!

Mikasa Ackerman is one of the characters who appear in the anime and manga of Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki No Kyojin. She is one of the main protagonists of the manga and series. She is known for her loyalty towards Eren, calm demeanor, combat abilities, and lack of showing emotions.

Mikasa Ackerman Personal Details

Mikasa Ackerman as shown is fifteen years old human female. Her birthdate is February 10. Her height and weight are 170 cm and 68 kg respectively. Her Graduation rank is 1st. She holds the position of a soldier in the 104th Cadet Crops. Later on, she went to join the scouting legion.

Mikasa Ackerman was adopted by Grisha and Carla Jaegar after her parents were killed by bandits. They were trying to kidnap and sell her as a human slave. She was saved by Eren. Eren is her adoptive brother. She lived with them for one year before the Wall of Maria fell due to the attack of titans.

Mikasa Ackerman’s Physical Appearance

Mikasa is a teenage girl who is tall and physically fit. Her hair is short falling up to her shoulder. Her heritage is Asian. Her father was an Ackerman and mother of Asian origin. She is a calm girl who rarely shows her emotion. She has black eyes and her skin is pale. Mikasa wears the uniform of Scout regiment. She always has a red color scarf which is given to her by Eren.

Voice actors of Mikasa

Mikasa is given voice-over by Trina Nishimura in English, Yui Ishikawa in Japan, Nathalie Bienaime in French, Chae Yon Han in Korean, and Elena Perino in Italian.

Mikasa said, “There’s only so many lives that I actually care about. My enemies made deciding that easy six years ago. So… you’re mistaken to seek any compassion from me. Because right now, I’m all out of time and room in my heart to care.”

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