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Why “Control” by Alan Wake and Quantum Break studio is the game of the year!

We are at almost the end of the year and one question that always arises at this time is “Which is the game of the year?”. Everyone has there owned and but for me, it was Control by Alan Wake and Quantum Break studio Remedy Entertainment and published by 505 games.

About the Game

In the game, you play as Jesse Faden as Bureau’s new Director. The game mostly revolves around the Federal Bureau Control (FBC) which is a secret government agency tasked with studying something that violates the law of reality. As Jesse Faden you are having a service weapon it’s a supernatural firearm that can take various forms and many abilities that help in combat.

The game is set within a featureless skyscraper called Oldest House and is situated in New York.

Oldest House is referred to in-game as a “Place of Power”. Its interior is far larger than what it appears from outside. It is enormous and is a constantly shifting realm that defies some laws of spacetime.

Control can be tough at the time and it doesn’t have any setting regarding difficulty. You will not find any trouble finishing the game. It also doesn’t have a very high fighting sequence or very high combat time. You might find some of its levels to be more design than needed. But when you get to the point where you just enjoy game flying in a vast room and using different things as shield you will find it really say much about the game would spoil the giddy surprise so we can stop at this point giving you reasons to explore the magnificent game which might change your perspective of what a good game can be. For me, at least the payoff was more than worth it.

Highly Recommended

Everything combines to make the game one of a masterpiece. I would definitely recommend you to put Control on your radar.


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