World of Warcraft Keeps Players Indoors and Help Preventing Coronavirus?

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The World Of Warcraft had a pandemic, the one that resembles the present Coronavirus epidemic. Many of us are obligated to quarantine ourselves as an outcome of the COVID-19, the developers always count on video games to help players pass the time, and for some time or more forget our stress. But now, not even games are free from this crisis.

The fact is that it was recently noticed that World Of Warcraft had to deal with strangely a similar pandemic that occurred in 2005. As Wired reported, an enemy that crossed in the ZulGurub area has infected the players with a disease named Corrupted Blood that cleaned out health and might be passed to several other players.

The intention is to make the combat harder, but Blizzard did not report players to return as soon as possible to stock up on supplies, which resulted in the disease passing on to even more players. It also infected non-players like shopkeepers, who can spread it more. One player, Eric Lofgren, who studied diseases, wrote a paper besides one Hefferman, which has a complete report of the Corrupted Blood outbreak.

At the time when we did computer-based simulations, we knew everything about the world. The public in those simulations used to act in a way we tell them to work. Thus they get an overview of human irrationality. The Corrupted Blood incident bears many counterparts to what is now exactly happening regarding the coronavirus.

In World Of Warcraft, the dominant players who got affected by this continued to walk out and help spread it to all vulnerable players who died due to this. Others hardly tried to help in curing the virus affected players by healing other players, to contract it to themselves, like what happened now with health-care workers those who are attempting to treat as well as cure those with coronavirus.