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WWE Fans Are Not Amazed by Alexa Bliss’s Elimination in the Women’s Royal Rumble- Check out the reasons here !!

As we know that Alexa Bliss is an American professional wrestler. She works in WWE and in which she performs for the show Smackdown in it after she became the first women to hold the SmackDown women’s championship title twice.

She won the Raw Women’s Championship in 2017 just after a month of when she joined RAW. She became the first woman to have both Smackdown and Raw women titles.

Bliss has won six championships in WWE.

In the last match with 30 competitors, a few favorite wrestlers are bound to get eliminated. But fans were not happy that Alexa Bliss, who entered the match in the first position and she was eliminated for about halfway through the match.

Bliss entered the match facing off against Bianca Belair and survived an early gauntlet, fighting off the likes of Kairi Sane, Molly Holly, and several NXT stars during it the match.

However, after Bliss and Belair cleared out the ring, Belair kicked Bliss out of the match after a short tug of war using Belair’s long ponytail, eliminating her in under 30 minutes.
And fans were not happy about that.

What is Royal Rumble

Royal rumble is the event in WWE in which about 30 contestants participate, and the last to get out of the ring is the winner.  There are also events to see who gets to participate in the royal rumble. There are pre matches for this purpose.

As this event happens once in a year, it is quite a hype to win the event, and the winner has something to show. The match starts with just two wrestlers, and the rest all just come after a certain time and join the match.

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