Xbox Series X: Preorder the New Series of Gaming Console from here!! Fans lets Scan to Know!!

By Riya Kumari

Xbox is now releasing ‘Xbox Series X’ and fans will get crazy after hearing this news. Read the article to know in detail about where you’ll be able to preorder.

XBOX has been releasing gaming consoles in the market for several years. It is the best competition for PlayStation consoles. Several games are available on both the consoles. However, some of the XBOX Exclusives can only be played on XBOX Consoles. After the massive success of XBOX One gaming console, now the company is all set to launch another series of gaming console and the fans are going crazy for it.

XBOX X Series

The new gaming console has been named as XBOX X Series. They will launch this in the late 2020s. A deadly competitor for Sony’s new PlayStation 5, the X Series will have some featured Microsoft games. There will be a post soon in which Microsoft will tell about the exclusive X Series games. Also, it will be compatible with the Xbox One games.

Release Date and Price

Microsoft says that the new XBOX X Series will be released by the end of 2020. The price is still unknown. It will be revealed very soon.

Pre Order

Since the price is not yet known, it is not currently available for pre-order. However, fans can pre-order it very soon. It will be available on Amazon, Wallmart, and Microsoft itself.

What are the Technical Specifications?

The X Series will have AMD’s current-generation Zen 2 processor architecture and a graphics processor having AMD’s latest RDNA 2 microarchitecture. The CPU will have a ZEN 2 Processor with a 3.8GHz speed. These are the specs that every gamer wants these days. Moreover, it will have 16 GB DDR6 RAM and a 1TB SSD.

Enthusiasts are excited about this, so stay tuned to get the latest updates.

Riya Kumari