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9 business ideas that can prove to be a success in the fight against COVID-19!!!!

1. Outdoor Cushion Makers 

Polywood, which is known for its durable outdoor furniture made from recycled plastic is responding to Indiana hospitals that have reached out and asked for one million cloth surgical masks.

2. Smart Security Kiosks 

Force 5 has taken a unique approach to keep staff members healthy during this pandemic. It has developed kiosks at security points that ask workers health-screening questions before entering critical places.

3. Ancient Games 

Chess Gammon, based in the United Kingdom, is seeing a spike in demand for traditional games such as chess and backgammon. The company has been helping people stay mentally active and giving them something that can distract them.

4. Hacked Booking App 

Zelos is an app for volunteer management that connected their app to collaboration app Trello within 48 hours after the outbreak of the coronavirus in northern Europe. They basically created a helpline for senior citizens.

5. Unemployed Tailors Have Become Lifesavers

Boston-based custom clothier 9Tailors employed unemployed tailors and seamstresses to produce reusable face masks for healthcare workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 battle.

6. Full Body Sterilizers

Boster Biological Technology is working on a whole-body sterilizer that will be sprayed over the entire body of a person. The company is also developing thermal scanners to check body temperatures of visitors to airports and buildings.

7. Pandemic Masks That Kids Really Want to Wear

Bunnies By The Bay is manufacturing masks for kids and medical workers with whimsical designs.

8. Russia’s Stay the Fck Home Bar

The bar which was recently opened basically encourages people to stay at home during the pandemic.

9. A Truck-sharing Company That Helps Students Relocate Fast

Truxx, which is a truck sharing company, is offering discounted service for university students who are faced with early move-outs as campuses continue to close in response to coronavirus.