Ford Company in 2020 GT adds power, gets bare with exposed carbon fiber body ?

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Ford company showed the beautifully upgraded supercar at the Auto show held in Chicago, Illinois. It is also famous for its gulf racing center.

On Thursday, the Ford reveled their Ford GT 2020 cars with their upgradation that makes every GT fan to love them. They got a total of 660 hp engine packed with the twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 engine that adds 13 hp to the car. They also added a broader torque band and upgraded engine calibration.

The Final engine improvements now come in the form of higher-energy ignition coils and upgraded pistons, which they said that the  GT Mk 2 helped to pioneer. They have Revised air ducts to allow 50% more air through the funnel. The involvement of large air coolers keeps the air temperature down, which also helps in maintaining the power supply.

The track of GT 2020 boosts the upgraded suspension and also makes handling easy with excellent body control. The sound of Akrapovic titanium makes it sound sweet.

There are two types of the exterior that are provided by Ford which are:-

1) Exposed carbon fiber:-
The company calls the carbon fiber as liquid carbon, and it is pretty much as it sounds. It is provided with a special clear coat as the only separation between carbon fiber and us.
The wheels are also composed of carbon fiber with a little amount of titanium.

2.) Gulf Racing Heritage Livery:-
This look has a black pinstripe separating the colors, and the racing number also changes from 9 to 6. This number is chosen by recalling The two-time Let Man’s championship-winning car. This also comes with carbon fiber wheels.

Ford has already begun the delivery of 2020 models. But they have only two years left with them till the spark continued changes from the supercars.