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Influencer Patricia clear on how to make it work when changing a career – The YouTube stars usually never let out details on the money matters

The YouTube stars usually never let out details on the money matters

Your favorite YouTuber might tell you all about their meals routine as well as let you take a tour of the inside of their house; however, none usually let their subscribers know about how much money they make.

Patricia Bright broke all stereotypes and came out alongside Ivy Park hauls and vlogs about the realities of giving birth. Patricia Bright talked about finances at a very high level of honesty. Patricia Bright talked about the matters with titles such as “How I budget my £65,000 salary, a year, a month, and more.”

Although many people might feel uncomfortable talking with influencers taking financial tips from influencers, Bright is more money-minded than most. Before becoming a Youtuber, Bright worked in accounting as a business analyst, something she continued to do five years into starting her Youtube career. Today she has 2.86 million subscribers and 1.1 million followers.

Bright has launched a new podcast, “Caught off Guard.”

In this podcast, she continues her frank approach to all things money, as well as chatting to women making moves across various industries. One of the trusted sources talked with Bright about making the jump from a steady job to going it alone and why she believes it’s her “duty” to bring her financial journey to the light so that everyone can benefit from it.

Aimée Grant Cumberbatch said that since money is still a taboo subject, how do you think we can get more people talking about it?

Patricia replied that when one person confidently talks about it, the floodgates open. Among women, there is a popular notion that these kinds of stuff shouldn’t be talked out loud.