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Kaitlyn Bristow’s grateful that she didn’t do DWTS five years ago! why does she think that? Details here

Kaitlyn Bristow firmly believes that good things are worth the wait and that God has a better plan for an individual. The reality star in her pursuit of love and finding romance in the 11th season of Bachelorette didn’t work out for her. neither was she able to compete on Dancing With the Stars the first time an invitation was extended. Luckily it seems that things have worked out well for Bristow, now that she has found love with Bachelor’s nation Jason Tartick. And that she is a contestant on DWTS Season 29, set to premiere on Monday.

Why didn’t Bristowe did DWTS the first time she was invited?

TV insider talked more to the reality star about her career move as well as her path to romance. Her quest for Mirror Ball glory and starting a family. Here’s what the conversation took place between her and the interviewer.

  • Did you watch your episode of The Bachelor: The greatest Season Ever in June?
  • Kaitlyn Bristowe: Yes I did. I checked it out once on my computer in my room and when it aired, I enjoyed it.
  • You have an easygoing demeanor. you’re approachable. have people told you that?
  • Kaitlyn Bristowe: Thank you for saying that, it’s one of the most amazing compliments I’ve received. It’s nice to hear because I’m just being my real self.
  • On your season of the bachelorette, the men got to choose on the first night between you and Britt Nilsson and you won. What was that experience like?
  • It was very hard for me because Britt and I were catty with each other. We got along so well. We were also very different from one another so that helped. One of the first things out of my mouth was “Is Britt OK? I felt so badly for her but it was exciting to be chosen.
  • You have 1.8 million followers on Instagram! What would you like to do next with your platform?
  • Instagram was a very new thing to me during the show, It was tough to navigate in that. People started offering me money that I’ve never seen before to promote their products. The paycheck is very good but I have to think about what I wanted in terms of having a brand with longevity.