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Star Trek: Discovery is no exception to the coronavirus pandemic: Production and release date delayed as employees “work from home”

By Aditi K

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting several TV shows and movie productions. Star Trek: Discovery is not an exception. Films like Black WIndow and No Time to Die have no choice but to shift their release dates to a later time. This is because many places have banned big gatherings like in movie theatres causing businesses to shut down. Companies like Disney, Universal, and Netflix have stopped any ongoing filming or productions for the moment. This will, of course, affect release dates.

Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery aired on CBS All Access from January 2019 to April. Fans did expect season 3 to come out in 2020, even though nothing was confirmed. However, there is an obstacle to its release.

Employees shift to “work from home.”

Wilson Cruz (Dr. Hugh Culber on the show) said in his Instagram live show and then on Twitter that there might be a delay in season 3’s release. On his Instagram Live, Anthony Rapp (Paul Stamets on the show) wrote in a comment that the show’s post-production would take longer to finish. This is because the crew is working from home amidst the global health crisis.

Cruz did clear that the show is definitely on its way, that it’ll take a little longer than usual, but it will come out regardless.

Star Trek has always prided itself on its graphics and visual effects. This requires a thorough collaboration between a big team of artists. According to the special effects panel at Wonder Con 2019, “nearly 500 artists scattered across the globe” work on the show.

Now that employees are working from home, this process may be slower than usual. However, long-distance communication is not a stranger to the team since they integrate artists across the globe generally as well. Hopefully, employees find it easy to navigate through this obstacle.

Release plans

Discovery was probably planning a summer release before the pandemic, but they may have to shift it to the fall. However, there is no official announcement on the issue. Fans are eagerly waiting for the show to get back on track so they can enjoy it while in quarantine or self-isolating.

Aditi K