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The most popular mobile platform for Pornhub in 2019 wasn’t Android

Android is the biggest mobile platform, but while looking at Pornhub 2019 year in the review, you can’t say that.

In its review, it revealed that 52.8% of its all traffic was from iOS, while iOS has just 22 percent of the market operating system market share.

Android, which has the largest mobile operating market share, with 76% of the market, had just 46.6 percent of its traffic. Other platforms accounted for 0.5% traffic.

Android traffic dropped by 18% from last year while iOS traffic rose by 19%.what can be the reason for this sudden change?

The reason was banning some porn websites by the Indian government because most of the mobile phones in India are Android, and traffic drop from India made India from number 3 in 2018 to 15 this year.

As porn sites are still banned by the Indian government, this data is going to continue in 2020 as well.

More from Pornhub’s year in review 

Pornhub also revealed in its Year in a review that in 2019 there were over 42 Billion visits, which are an average of 115 million visits per day now that’s a huge number more than the population of some countries like Australia,  Canada. There were also more than 39 billion searches performed, which is 8.7 billion more searches than last year. Almost every celebrity and trending thing you can think has probably already been searched.

There were also 6.83 million new videos uploaded to Pornhub this year well; you can’t watch that much porn in your life if your only work is watching porn. In 2019 Pornhub also transferred 6597 petabytes of data, which was about 18,073 terabytes per day, and 209 gigabytes per second just imagine this much data transfer in a second. This year also 11.5 million comments were left on videos! Over 98,000 new models joined Pornhub, bringing the total number of verified models to more than 130,000! How many of them can you name?

Well, after seeing these stats, one thing is for sure most of us are really addicted to watching porn, and from what I think, it’s not going to change soon.

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