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Tik-Tok creators are worried about losing their followers & Trump bans it

By Abhishek Singh

The unrest between the world is growing day by day, with the coronavirus pandemic wreaking its havoc on the planet. And killing millions of people on a large scale. And the root cause for all this is China. who kept mum about the deadly virus and never intended on telling anybody. Which plunged the world into terror and collapsing the economy, many suffering still to this day. And on top of it, an American multinational company Cognizant’s sudden data breach happened. And possibly tampered with, combined with coronavirus pandemic. The US believes that this is an attempt of China, to cripple the economy of America. And in retaliation, President Donald Trump is considering banning “Tik-Tok”. A Chinese social media platform. To cut off the revenue source of China, and many people have concerns about losing their followers. Read on more to get the full side of the story.

The possible ban of Tik-Tok in the US.

On Monday, the united states secretary of state Mike Pompeo announced on the fox news that. The US government is considering banning Tik-Tok. Concerning data warfare and national security concerns. In India, prime minister Narendra Modi finalized the ban of Tik-Tok and other 59 Chinese apps. As a retaliation to china, for using violence against the Indian army on the border. This recent move of India seems to have inspired President Donald Trump, to consider the banning of Tik-Tok. As a strict measure against China for the coronavirus pandemic.

People’s concern over the ban of Tik-Tok.

While the information about the possible ban of Tik-Tok is unclear. People are expressing their feelings about the potential ban. Reminding them to create a backup of their data and reminiscing about the good times they had on the app. Especially the youth, who are devastated with the possible ban of the app. As most of the youth career relies on tik tok and fanbase. The app helped them to connect and grow a larger audience on the platform.

People are moving to other platforms.

While the Tik-Tok has been a game-changer for much small-time audience who gained an impressive following in the platform. People who are affected by the news are asking their followers to follow them on the different social media platforms. On the other hand, many influencers who have a massive fan following on other platforms. Like Instagram, Youtube, aren’t affected by this news.

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