U.K. PM Boris Johnson ready to BAN Huawei from Britain’s 5G Networks!!! A huge blow to China but happy news for Donald Trump!!!

By Anchal Gupta

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is set to ban Huawei 5G from Britain’s 5G Network. This decision that the US has pushed Borish is a reverse of the decision took in London in January which granted a limited role of Huawei. This new decision can lead Britain to bein ire with the world’s second-largest economy, China. Read out the blog post to know the entire issue regarding the ban of Huawei 5G in Britain!!!

Britain banned Huawei 5G:

Britain is ready to ban Huawei 5G on Tuesday which would definitely please the US’s President Donald Trump but would not be easily taken by China. The respective decision will definitely hit China in some negative way. This decision signals the fact that Huawei (the world’s largest telecom equipment supplier) is not welcomed in the West anymore.

A meeting of Britain’s National Security Council (NSC) over this issue was held on Tuesday. The excuse which was presented that made Britain reverse its decision of the telecom equipment supplier to give its limited role in Britain is said to be the US’s new policies regarding chip technology which also affected Huawei’s ability in London to remain as a reliable supplier.

Reactions of Huawei and China to the ban:

Donald Trump had repeatedly asked London to ban Huawei and claimed that the telecom company’s equipment might be used to spy on the West. In contrast to this, the telecom equipment supplier stated that all these blames are false and said that the US could not see its growth as there is no US company that can offer the same range of technology that the telecom equipment supplier offers at a reliable price.

China also did not remain silent at this and said, banning one of its prolific companies would have long-lasting influences on Britain. Besides, Britain would have to bear consequences if it will treat the world’s second-largest economy as hostile.

This new ban will definitely affect the abandoned customers of the telecom equipment supplier.

Anchal Gupta