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U.S Senator Chuck Schumer was forced to call Federal aid for help regarding Broadway! Details here

In these grim times with the coronavirus running rampant and infecting thousands of people as we speak. The aftermath of this deadly virus caused the loss of jobs, especially the entertainment industry as many theaters and production of the movie’s got halted. Fearing for the safety of individuals, many theaters were forced to shut down to prevent the spreading of the virus. After nearly 7 months of the virus outbreak, the businesses are taking a major hit, resulting in loss of millions of dollars and employment.

Sensing this problem U.S Senator Chuck Schummer and the Broadway league requested surplus federal funding. To support theaters hence initiating the bipartisan bill which allows the grant of 12 million dollars for “Save our Stage Campaign”. Read on more to know about the Save our Stage campaign and how long until it takes place?

What else does this new Biapartisian bill offer?

This bill will play a bigger part in supporting talent representatives, venue operators, promoters, producers. Who was greatly affected by the pandemic? Schumer has also reassured the people that the likelihood of bill passing is in improving pace. Senator Chuck Schumer said “Today we are fighting hard to keep our stages alive. Stories to be told and plays going on” Schumer told in a press conference held outside in New York theater district near the TKTS booth.


With drafting an appeal of 10 billion dollars of total funding for “Save our Stage campaign” Schumer even jokingly said that he would ask a lion king’s share.

The total funding from the Bipartisan bill is a medium on reinventing and resurrect the New Y0rk’s economy. Schumer referred to the live performance as “our pulse, our energy”. As the theaters were first to close during the pandemic because of living venues. Because the probability of coming into COVID-19 is much higher. The bill will support small broadway plays and concert halls which are reliant on gross revenues. Which includes mortgages, personal equipment, payroll costs, and rent.