What measures has Apple taken in order to combat Coronavirus outbreak? How is the company and its consumers benefitted?

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The recent outbreak of the pandemic Coronavirus has affected millions of lives across the globe. Several companies have reacted in different ways to the explosion. Similarly, Apple has taken various steps to combat this virus.

To prevent the damages caused by this virus, many companies like Microsoft, Google, Cisco, and Zoom have introduced video conferencing as a technique of communicating with their employees. They are also using free chat software so that they can continue to work from home.

Following this suit, Apple has done several things to assist its employees. Here’s an insight into what the company has done during this outbreak:

For the company

Tech-giant Apple, during this outbreak, had already informed its investors beforehand that the pandemic will be affecting sales in China. As a result, this would also affect the supply all over. Apple has advised its employees to work from home and also restricted their travels to China. This travel restriction has primarily concerned the production of new devices but has been effective in protecting the employees of the company.

For its employees

In China, Apple offices and stores have been closed. It has been stated that stores outside greater China will be closed until March 27th. The employees, however, will continue to receive wages, and the ones directly affected by coronavirus will be accommodated.

For consumers

Apple has taken several progressive steps towards helping the community and its consumers. They are as follows:

  1. Apple has introduced a new section in Apple News, wholly dedicated to coronavirus. This is to spread awareness and educate the users about this deadly pandemic so that practical steps can be taken. It has also removed all unofficial apps in the app store to prevent misinformation from spreading.
  2. Though some Apple TV+ users may be disappointed about producers having to stop production of some shows, however, some shows like Star Wars: The Rise of The Skywalker and Frozen 2 are being released earlier than scheduled to help with the stay-at-home condition.
  3. It has also updated its website to show how devices should be cleaned. Apple has also canceled some of the significant events which were going to take place during this time.
  4. It has launched a new Customer Assistance Program so that Apple Cardholders can file a “hardship claim” to miss the March payment interest-free.