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Actor Christopher Walken breaks his silence about the night Actress Natalie Wood passed away in front of him..!! Truth uncovered…!!

By Hitesh Rane

Exactly when news broke that Robert Wagner was a suspect in 1981 going of Natalie Wood and that her purpose behind death is as of now thought to be “questionable,” performer Christopher Walken — one of the last people to see Wood alive — didn’t state something. However, don’t foresee that he should state much on the subject — ever.

How did Natalie die..??

Walken was one of the three people on Wood and Wagner’s vessel, the Splendor when she was found dead, skimming in the water off California’s Catalina Island, on Nov. 29, 1981.

The third individual was Dennis Davern, the boat’s captain. While Wagner clarified the fiasco in his 2009 diary, Pieces of My Heart: A Life and Davern has offered gatherings to any similarity to Today and TMZ, Walken has now and again commented.

He gave a concise articulation to People magazine about Wood’s death in 1986 by saying that he doesn’t have the foggiest thought about what had happened. He thought she slipped and fell in the water. He was resting by then. It was a horrendous thing.

What did Walken say…??

In any case, Walken opened up extra in a 1997 gathering with Playboy, guessing how Wood ended up in the water.

Walken had gone with Wood, his co-star in the 1983 spine-chiller Brainstorm, and she commended companion on their Thanksgiving weekend trip. Walken suspected that Wood in like manner may have hit her head before falling into the water.

TMZ recorded Walken’s response (well, nonresponse) to a request in regards to Wood in 2011 after the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department restored the case subject to new information.

The video was hailed as Walken “finishing his quietness,” which gives you an idea of precisely how quiet he’s been with respect to the issue, in any occasion out in the open.

Davern, the third man on board the Splendor, had requested for an impressive period of time that Wagner and Walken were fighting before Wood’s evaporating since Wagner was envious.

Wood’s sister, Lana, wrote in her own book, named Natalie, in 1984, that Wood had an uncommon fellowship for Walken. She stated that she didn’t have the foggiest thought whether Natalie’s [love affair] with Chris was nonexistent or veritable.

In any case, her strong uncertainty is that it was all in her mind and that perhaps she simply needed it to be so.

Hitesh Rane