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Angelina Jolie gifted Brad Pitt a Real WATERFALL as Token of Love!! Read this to know more about it!

Gifting something to your partner is a tough job for anyone, be it common people or a celebrity. But in this case, celebrities are in a tricky position because they are accustomed to most luxurious things and lifestyle so they always need something unique and thoughtful to impress each other. They are also in a race of competition among famous peers over the top.


Angelina Jolie gifted  Brad Pitt a real Waterfall as a token of love!!  Read this to know more about it!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are extremely successful actors with a significant net worth of their own so when they were together they had always come up with impressive and creative ways to express their love. They met while co-starring as a married assassin in the sets of Mr. and Mrs. Smith when Brad Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston. They both got married to each other in 2014 after Brad Pitt parted with Jennifer and Bradangelina became a normal part. After being married for two years they began the divorce proceedings in 2016 after a heated exchange on a private plane where Pitt allegedly intoxicated got into an altercation of some kind with his son who was 15 back then.

Angelina and Brad might have been through a rough phase in their marriage but they always gave each other some extreme gifts to express their love. Once Angelina gifted Brad a $ 1.6 million helicopter just because in another instance Jolie Presented Pitt with a 200 years old Olive tree. Among these unusual and expensive gifts Jolie gifted Brad something really out of the box she gifted him an actual waterfall. Yes, you heard it right a Waterfall!! According to shape Pitt was taken to France Lloyd Wright’s Falling Waters and that inspired her to purchase a waterfall in California and present it to Pitt.