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“Ariana Grande” reimagines herself playing “Megara in the Hercules remake”, Hercules Remake on The way with Ariana??

By Kiku Sharma

After the pretty brunette has made her appearance in Disney’s musical, her euphonic voice has captured millions of hearts over the globe. Her recent performance on ‘I won’t say I am in Love’ has compelled her fans to make petitions to Disney about casting her as ‘Megara’ in Disney’s remake, Hercules.

Don’t worry if you have missed it. We have it for you right here!!

Yes, you heard it right Disney is planning the remake of its 1997 animated musical fantasy film Hercules.

Ariana Grande to play Megara in the remake!!

With Josh Gad telling the Variety, “She would amazing as Meg, she would be perfect, I would love to see that happen”, might be there is a chance to see the pretty Ariana in the role.

Captivated by her melodious voice, her fans have petitioned on Change.org, gathering a total of 15000 signatures up to now.


As we all know, there must be a villain to interrupt these times of happiness the villain enters the story. Zeus’s jealous brother, Hades. In a fit of jealousy, Hades orders his minions, Pain, and Panic to get rid of Hercules. Disney’s Hercules tells the story of the Greek Gods King Zeus and his wife Queen Hera’s mighty son, Hercules. They kidnap the baby Hercules and feeds him a formula that turns him, mortal, forgetting to remove his super strength.

The rest of the story is about Hercules’ tireless efforts to becoming the true hero his father wanted him to be. During his long journey, Hercules finds the love of his life in the beautiful, but sarcastic Megara and finally unites in the end.

He questions his parents, who tell him about the Olympian necklace they found him. Hercules then visits Zeus, who tells him about the childhood story. Zeus tells him that he could regain his godhood by becoming a true hero. The farmers Amphitryon and Alcmene finds the baby and adopts him. Some years later, a teenage Hercules’ super strength brings lots of questions in his mind.

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