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Ariana Grande Is Coming Out With The “Sweetener” tour Docu-Series! Check Out How and When It Releases!!

The popular singer Ariana Grande is coming up with her very own music documentary. The movie revolves around the “Sweetener” tour performed in 2019. The film will kick off with the release of her popular album “Thank U, Next” and lead up to the “Sweetener” tour of 2019. According to the sun, a bad war had waged between Netflix and YouTube for the rights of the documentary. According to sources,

Ariana’s team are negotiating a huge deal between a number of big hitters, with Netflix and YouTube both showing interest. Netflix has put forward a starting offer of $5 million to get the rights. The deal is being negotiated by Ariana’s closest advisers, led by Scooter Braun.


Along with Ariana Grande, Scooter Braun is also the manager of the famous singer-songwriter Justin Bieber who faced a little bit of controversy with Taylor Swift. Swift accused Braun of “incessant, manipulative bullying”. After hearing the accusations Bieber was one of the first ones to. clear out any rumors and made sure that his manager had his support.

Sources also stated that,

She had cameras following her every move on the Sweet­en­er World Tour last year,. Along with her performances, Ariana was filmed backstage, while travelling and during downtime. It will be a brutally honest and raw depiction of how tough life can be on the road but will include the happier, heart-warming times too

After the release of “Dangerous Women Diaries”, this is the next documentary that will feature Grande. Alfredo Flores will be back to cover the new docu-series. The docu-series showcased on YouTube which is available free of cost on Ariana Grande’s YouTube Channel. The fans are very excited about the upcoming “Sweetener” tour documentary and why won’t they be? As the “Dangerous Women Diaries” was such a success.