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Brain Shaw Suffers Pec Injury While Bench Pressing 575 Pounds- Tap to Explore more

World’s Strongest Man Champion had a mishap during bench press training.

The current health condition hasn’t affect 4x World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw single bit as far training is concerned.

Moreover, it certainly helps to have a $500k home gym.

Furthermore, several months ago Brian Shaw cause to set on a journey to hopefully achieve 318Kg bench press.

However, that’s a big number to hit and only 69 pounds less than the current world record held by Julius Maddox of 770lbs.

But Brian Shaw making some very Fabolous progress easily bench pressing over 500 pounds currently.

So Shaw and his training partner Tyler Stickle recently did a session where they started with some presses using a shoulder saver bar.

That bar descended the range of motion and weight 65 pounds.

They both also included chains at the ends of the bars which adds more weight as the links,

leave the ground and decrease it during the lowering of the bar.

A Session:

They began with 245lbs on the bar plus 60lbs in chains.

After increased with the weight for several sets. Then Shaw makes his time to do his set with 515lbs plus 60lbs in chains.

Shaw managed to complete 3 reps.

But he felt something in his right pec after the bar drifted back during the second rep.

Moreover, it is a really unfortunate situation but it has been more severe.

Shaw opens up that “he was still happy to complete the reps although, the smart things to do was just a stop and wait to see how a bad it was.”

He hopefully comes back soon and again starts training.

Although, he still not mention that he trains for the 2020 World’s Strongest Man competition.