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Caitlyn Jenner sympathizes with Kanye West!! Says West is the “Kindest” and “Most Loving Human”!!

Fortunately, Caitlyn Jenner voiced her support for Kanye West. What is worth noting is the support is amid the concern about the rapper’s recent behavior. If you know about the presidential run, they must have realized how controversial it was. So GOOD MORNING BRITAIN welcomed the star as a guest.

Jenner’s comments…

How can then she be not asked whether or not she was receiving support? In her interview Caitlyn Jenner says.” Since all of this has come down, I have just kind of watched it just like everybody else, so I haven’t really had a chance, He’s living up in Wyoming most of the time and so I just wish him the best.”

Even after this, she continues-“ You know, I made that as a joke at the time, about being his VP when he announced that. But you know I hope for the best for him.”So the former Olympic decathlete also added,” He’s a really good guy. The only thing I really can talk about is really how he has treated me through everything. And he has been the kindest, loving human being.”

Caitlyn Jenner Sends Supportive Message to “Good Friend” Kanye West Amid Mental Health Concerns

Everybody sympathizes with West….

If asked how concerned her others, then let me inform you that expressed concerns for West’s wellbeing. Still, the recent diagnosis of the rapper brings out the report that he has bipolar disorder. He has spoken publicly about it. Then singer Hasley and many other celebrities did express compassion.

So in a recent tweet, it was tweeted that Kanye West is alright. Because he tweeted, let me put down the way, exactly he did. “There is a tactic of 4 D… Distract Discredit Dismiss To Destroy… I am quite alright… Take a second and think about what is being projected here.”-that is what his recent tweet says.

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